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Below are some testimonials from our customers.

Mr J S - Giardiniera

I bought my first classic Fiat 500 recently - a Giardiniera. I looked at a couple without really knowing what I was looking at and then decided to put myself through the pain of finding out what I bought. Note to self; maybe do this before parting with cash in the future. So I searched for a classic 500 specialist in my area and found Weenie Fiats. We had a brief chat over the phone where I think I did a good job in convincing Manj of my total lack of knowledge but my desire to have my purchase checked over. Manj turned up in his van, loaded up my car and I waved it off wondering whether I was in for a lesson or two. After a week, Manj telephoned me and much to my relief told me that Iíd bought a good one. He then went on to explain the service items plus some required remedial work that included a bit of bodywork and paint plus a replacement voltage regulator (he kindly sourced a secondhand one). Manj delivered the car back and I was very happy with it. A few weeks later I subsequently had an issue with my flasher relay. Manj sent me three out (long story) and even came out one evening to my house to fix it and refused any payment. Manj is a good guy. Heís very honest and even tells me not to waste money when I pass ideas over to him on paint schemes and trim pieces! In this day and age where itís easy to be sceptical, especially with garages found via an internet search, Manj and Weenie Fiats offer an exceptionally trustworthy service coupled with excellent workmanship and a knowledge base that is second to none on these cars and their variants. I would recommend them wholeheartedly and will trust them with my Ď73 Giardiniera as long as Manj takes my phone calls and replies to my emails! Thank you Manj.

Mrs AT - and PT - A very happy customer!

Hi Manj and Amelia just wanted to say thank you for doing an amazing job with PT! I love him! Heís better than I could have imagined and Iím thrilled! Thanks
3rd July 2019

Mr T B - Wiltshire

I just wanted to thank you for organising the MOT & servicing my fiat couple of weeks ago at short notice. I really appreciated you were able to transport my fiat 500 from her garage back to your work shop in your van, I was genuinely amazed she fitted in so perfectly! It took away all the stress of getting her to you especially as the MOT had lapsed. We didnít realise that because she had been modified with a 126 engine and gearbox so an MOT was still required under the new rules! Needless to say she passed with flying colours and I was able to drive her the 28 miles back home. The process was painless and Iím really pleased to have found Weenie fiats LTD. I say that because we have owned our fiat since she was brand-new (1972), so wanted someone we could trust to do the maintenance. Thank you Manj!

E.J. 'Very Grateful RAC Customer'

'I am extremely grateful to Weenie Fiats for their time, professionalism and customer service when my car was taken to them after over-heating and breaking-down on a journey through Swindon back to London. I was towed to Weenie Fiats by the RAC. I was travelling on my own and I panicked a little over a problem that turned out to be easily resolved. Weenie Fiats were very patient and I am grateful that I felt I could trust their service. They were very helpful and thorough with checks on my car and left me feeling secure that I could drive home my rather old car. Many many thanks & recommend them highly'
Dec 2016

Antonio 1967 Fiat 500F

I was working in the south of France close to the Italian border and had seen a few of these cute little cars around. I did a little research online and decided I really would like to buy one and get it restored. This is when I contacted Weenie Fiats. Amelia got back to me quickly and gave me a few options. Not long after, I was the proud owner of a 1967 Fiat 500F (which required a LOT of work!!!!) Unfortunately, as they were so busy I had to wait nearly a year for the work to begin. However this was all explained in advance and gave me plenty of time to choose exactly how I wanted my little Fiat to be. Once the work started Amelia was great at keeping me updated of progress on 'Antonio', I really looked forward to the photos she emailed and watching the transformation online on their website. Each time I flew back to the UK I always made a detour to Swindon to come and see the progress. Manj always made time to explain what he had done and what he was planning to do next. It really was amazing seeing the stages of the project come along. When it came to the technical side of whether to upgrade certain things, I was quite unsure of what to do, but both Amelia and Manj really helped with explaining, their views and experiences. When the day came to collect my Fiat, it was in a way sad that the project had come to an end. I decided to get him delivered in Weenie Fiats special van. Manj arrived early one perfect sunny spring morning and unloaded Antonio and he really did look amazing. In fact he was only just down the ramp of the van when the first admirer asked if he could come to have a closer look. Having never driven a non synchro mesh gearbox before, I was a little apprehensive at first (although I did have the option to change to a synchro one, I decided I would like to keep it as original as I could). However a 100 miles later and it's no longer a big deal! Now it's summer again, on the France / Italy border I have been lucky enough to see a little Fiat 500 very regularly, but none have yet been as perfect as mine! Thanks Weenie Fiats!
Ms J.T. June 2017

Mr C. G. Fiat 500- mile better than before!

I picked up my 500 on my travels in Italy and it looked great but but didnít run very well until Weenie Fiats took care of that. It wasnít a straightforward job initially but Iíve been really impressed with the quality of work, incredible niche experience and knowledge and a can do attitude. Manjís enthusiasm to make sure my car was perfect and ran as well as I wanted it saw him go beyond what he had to do and the result is a great car that I can drive confidently in the knowledge that it has had expert preparation and tuning. I work in the world of super cars and this level of service is right up there in my experience. The car is running really well but Iíll will definitely be back for routine maintenance. When youíve found the experts in the field, why go anywhere else.

Mr J.K. Cornwall

I just want to thank Amelia and Manj from Weenie Fiats. The whole experience from the initial enquiry to picking up my sympathetically restored Fiat 500 was nothing short of exemplary. It started with several email enquiries and phone calls, all the way they were happy to give their time to explain the options and make me feel part of the Weenie family. In May 2015 they came all the way to Cornwall to visit me and assess my 1970 Fiat 500 Belina. It was evident from the first 5 minutes that Manj had an encyclopaedic knowledge on these little bundles of wonder. We discussed the renovation options and I was happy for them to take the car. Within a few days a very, and I mean very comprehensive quote was provided to me. This broke down the parts and labour costs down to the Ĺ hour. Again it just filled me with confidence that Weenie Fiats knew what they were doing. After a few weeks I visited the facility in Swindon. It was Fiat 500 heaven and well worth a visit ! Again Manj was happy to spend an hour chatting through the progress, other options and also some of the projects he had at the facility. At the end of July I picked up what looked like a new car and had a memorable drive from Swindon via North Devon to Falmouth in Cornwall. I have been stopped by numerous people asking me about the car and I am happy it is bringing smiles to the faces of many people. I cannot praise what Weenie Fiats are doing highly enough. They clearly have a passion for these little cars and it shows in the end result. Its testament to hard work and a love of keeping Fiat 500ís on the road. Manj and Amelia Ė thanks you so much for what you do! Mr Jeremy Keohane [JK of Cornwall].
4th August 2015

1962 500D Olivia Transfomabile

We have been talking to Amelia and Manj at Weenie Fiats for a while now, trying to find the right little Fiat 500 for us - After much looking around, we finally fell in love with our weenie Olivia, a 1962 500D Transfomabile Fiat. She is truly stunning and Weenie Fiats have been absolutely amazing. They really do care as much as my Wife and I do about our little Fiat: They are passionate about these cars. Both Amelia and Manj are a delight - they know their Classic Fiat 500's inside and out, and they offer the right advice, brilliant service and the dedication that we so need, in owning and caring for our Fiat 500 in the long-term. I am certain that if you own a Classic Fiat 500 or are thinking about a Classic Fiat 500, then these people are very special - We will be relying on them to look after our little Fiat, Olivia, forever. Neil & Jill Ferris

From Mr B.H. and Gracie his Fiat 500

First I would like to go back to the first time I popped into Weenie Fiats to say hello and ask what they thought of me bringing in a 500 from Italy without first seeing it in the flesh. I had seen photos but did not have the time to fly out and inspect it. Manj and Amelia were really interested and showed straight away their passion for the marque. They warned me of buying before seeing but also were very keen for me not to be put off. A couple of weeks later I was back in touch with Weenie Fiats to tell them of my new arrival and the difficulties I now had at hand with getting an MOT and then getting it registered with the DVLA. Manj was straight back in touch and within 48 hours of me getting back in touch Manj was loading Gracie up in the back of their specially prepared van and off back to base. Over the next three days Manj sorted out the issues to get it through its first UK MOT and check it all over and give it a service. Much to my delight Manj gave it his seal of approval telling me it was a first class example of this marque. On the Friday morning three days after picking up my new pride and joy Manj was unloading Gracie back onto my drive. I can only say that the experience from beginning to end was a pleasure and the complete opposite from my other dealings with other marque specialists who from personal experience I have found to be hard work with them being almost rude and unhelpful with any basic requests asked of them. On summing up I cannot recommend Weenie Fiats highly enough. All the team there are not only passionate about the marque but are also very friendly and their workmanship is of the highest order. I will not take Gracie anywhere else now and recommend you using their services if you require an MOT or a service or a complete restoration. Thank you Amelia/ Manj see you again soon Mr B. H. & Gracie (500F)
4th August 2013

From Bella Yella's proud owners

Sally and I would like to thank Manj and Amelia of Weenie Fiats Ltd, for their dedication and hard work they have shown in renovating our Fiat 500 Bella Yella. Nothing was too much trouble for them and their expertise has brought Bella back to life beyond all our expectations. We visited often to see the transformation and we were also kept informed constantly by email and photos of Bella's progress on their website. Their professionalism and passion is inspiring and we have made two lovely friends along the way. We are in no doubt we shall continue to visit them and use their services again.
Mr R B Scanes - Kettering - Sept 2012

Olivia's Owner

ĎAmelia and Manj from Weenie fiats Ltd have and continue to offer great service to me in all areas of the original Fiat 500. They helped me restore ĎOliviaí and are already helping with my second 500 project. Their Ďcan doí attitude and enthusiasm for 500ís is infectious and to date in my dealings with them no obstacle or challenge has been too high. I Trust them with Olivia and their work quality is evident through herí.
Mr. C. W. Wilts 29/03/2012

A Happy Customer !

The level of service + workmanship at Weenie Fiats , is of the very highest quality, I would certainly recomend any Fiat 500 owners, that their rebuilds/servicing are in the very best hands. The level of interest & admiring glances I get when I take the little fiat into town really puts a big smile on everyones faces.
Ray Powell, London 29/03/2012

Westminster Fiat

'from the outset Weenie Fiats provided a professional and friendly service with advice on all aspects of the small project on my 500. This included advice on registration and other matters as my 500 had sat in a crate for 7 years. From the quotation stage through to changes in the works they always provided transparent and easy to understand cost schedules. The clear email communication was very important to me. A real pleasure and great to get the car back on the road....'
Mr. J. C. Westminster

From Pommodoro

Weenie Fiats have looked after my Fiat 500 for 4 or 5 years. The standard of service is extremely high, and the collection and delivery service is a great advantage. They certainly "go the extra mile" and can be trusted to offer good advice and high quality workmanship.
Mr. J. W. Gloucestershire

They were doing what was right for the car/customer.

"I have always wanted to upgrade the engine and get a sychronised gear box in my 1970 500 but have had a few bad experiences with a well known 500 specialist in the South East which had really put me off. The car dissappeared for months and after a long list of excuses I ended up retrieving it on the back of a was not a good experience. Fastforwad and even longer story later my car ended car in storage for a couple of years whilst I figured out what I was going to do with it. I came across Weenie Fiats through the internet and realised they were relatively new to the market so thought I would give them a shot. My first contact was with Amelia who was really professional and clearly passionate and knowledgeable about the cars. She handled everything. The car was picked up by Weenie Fiats in their customised vehicle with Amelia contacting the storage facility directly so that I did not have to. They even sent me pics of the car as I had not seen it since it had gone into storage - which was a nice touch. Once at Weenie Fiats they really checked the car over and we had a two way dialogue of what was necessity and what was "nice to have" keeping in mind the budget constraints I had set. I got the sense that they were doing what was right for the car/customer. They also kept me informed regarding progress and would email me with regular updates. The car was returned to me on time and delivered personally by Amelia and Manj. The result has been worth the travel, car is running superbly and because of the upgraded mechanicals I am using it every week and thoroughly enjoy driving it. The next visit to Weenie Fiats will be to overhaul the bodywork but with a new baby it is going to take me a while to get permission and the cash! Which brings me onto cost, Weenie Fiats may not be the cheapest but to quote the cliche you get what you pay for..."
Mr. C. R. London
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