Meet the Family

The Weenie Fiats 'Our Family' collection...


Lucy came to us initially for assessment and storage with a view possibly being restored at a later date - subject to cost! She had spent a lot of years with the same family in Yorkshire who loved and cherished her, life changed and she found herself sharing a garage with tumbly the tumble dryer for many years completely unused. By the time we saw her her brakes had siezed up as had her wheels, gently with a hammer we freed her up, got her out into daylight and ooh! Poor lucy, bubbles and rust all over, tumbly hadn't been good for her. Some time later and a completed assessment her owner decided it was time to let her go to someone who would love her just like they had - and as our obsession with Fiat 500's has become compulsive she now lives in Weenie World with the Weenie Family. She's warm dry and very happy with all her new friends and family.

Little Stem

Little Stem came into our hands requiring some medical attention, here's how he looks when he came to us, the paint belies the attention needed. As we are always so busy helping customers he will have to wait a while before we can transform him - bless - at least he's in good company with the rest of the Weenie family :)


Born 1972 in Italy, adopted from Southampton – the 1st member of the family. Bambino was looking a little sad when we first saw him, he was dark blue and looked a little sorry for himself. He was living under some stairs in a warehouse and hadn’t seen daylight for some time, until we picked him up. We carried him all the way home and made a real young man of him, he’s now really happy wearing his new azure blue suit, he has new white underwear (refurbished interior) and new chrome, lights etc.

Mr Rusty

Adopted from the depths of a Kent barn – the 5th member of the family. When we went to see Mr Rusty he’d been in a barn for 20 years, poor thing! He looked really sad, his wheels had seized, battery disintegrated and had more cob webs than our shed! He had to be wrapped up for the journey home so as not to endanger other motorists through flying parts. Mr Rusty expressed a wish to help others and wanted to be a trailer to help the other members of the family. Mr Rusty would like to help you carry your luggage or picnic basket, if you’d like him to help just let us know, he’s very proud now!


Born 1972 in England, adopted from Kent – the 4th member of the family. When we met Mimi she was alongside her big younger brother, a gleaming red Ferrari, she looked a little intimidated being so small but held her head up high. We brought her home with us and have made her up, she’s now a definite match for her brother! Mimi is very pretty, loving and caring, as you can imagine she has lived in her brothers shadow for a long time, now she’s on her own, she loves to get out and stands tall (if you can imagine that!). Mimi is like a red English rose, she’s right had drive with the obvious Italian origins.


Born 1967 in England, adopted from Brighton – the 3rd member of the family. We looked high and low for our little yellow Pingu, hidden in a garage he was looking pretty good although he lived by the seaside, spent his weekend sunbathing on the beach, because he didn’t use the right sun creams and parts of him were peeling he looked very proud of himself with his near golden colour.


Born 1972 in England, adopted from the far reaches of Essex – the 2nd member of the family Bianca lived with our friends, she looked pretty good, although a little cosmetic surgery wouldn’t go amiss, we called a recovery firm for a lift. It was a beautiful summers day and we met a very nice kind man, who offered us all drinks as we sat wearily by the roadside for 3 hours. Bianca is a real lady who has style and elegance, and is a real romantic.